The ANOMALIA course in 3D chracter animation has already started. During the first two weeks students were introduced to Maya Basics. Some of them were here to get into Maya from apps such as 3D Max or Blender, some still continue with the animation course that will end in September 3rd.

You can see the character of a businessman by Victor Vinyals ( that has provided his character to the students, and we have used it also for a lighting exercise during the second week 

For the next 6 weeks, we have grown up by 4 new students, so the class is completely full and makes up to 14 full-time students.
Our new teacher, Dripha Benseghir from Paris, has started just today with a class that focuses on animation principles in 3D and the art of the motion, and will also continue into Physicality and Motion Dynamics.
Dripha is a lot of fun, she is using a lot of video references and examples not only from the animation world, but also stuff like a presentation from TED that focuses on perception of vision and visual illusion, also how sound is the best way to explain and figure out timing in animation, which is the singularly most important aspect in animation, and so on … . The whole class is exercise based and students are given small and bigger assignments along the lecturing … seems like everybody is pretty much focused to do their best.
The beautiful town of Litomysl has proven to be the such a great choice for the course. Everybody loves it here. The classroom is very stylish and spacious, with several couches, drinking water, a microwave and a fridge … Hotel rooms are right in the same building, just go up on the stairs and you are ready to relax … so students can always get back to work at any time and raise the potential of their own learning curve. Besides, when you feel comfortable and sense that the atmosphere of the town itself has a lot of creativity and culture, satisfaction comes naturally ..
The course is starting to draw more attention of professionals from the animation industry, we are getting some positive emails that they would like to come to teach in the future, as well as students that would like to attend next year. That is encouraging, but for now, we have only started and focus only on the next 9 weeks to make the summer be „just“ great for everybody …

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